My Views on Mae Magouirk:

By Joseph Nguyen, 4/14/05

Weighing the testimonies from Judge Boyd and Ken Mulinex, here are my findings:

1. The fact that Mae Magouirk was found to be severely dehydrated shows that the hospice was not telling the truth. Perhaps in a life or death case, the judge may want to visit the patient.
2. The fact that Beth Gaddy went to Judge Boyd to stop the best treatment possible for Mae Magouirk, by stopping the airlift to UAB, citing that it would do irreparable harm to Mae, shows that there needs to be some sanity check in what we hear. Beth meant to have Mae Magouirk return to Jesus (die in the hospice), whereas Mae's next of kin meant to save her life. Common sense tells me that "irreparable harm" is to kill someone. In this case, it was done against Mae's will (and the proof is in the written will.) With Beth Gaddy's success, some people may try selling the Brooklyn Bridge again.
3. There was a compromise made to allow Beth Gaddy to have custody, when it was a clear to Mae's brother and sister that Judge Boyd was going to grant custody to Beth Gaddy anyway. Thus, the lawyer (Jack Kirby) crafted the compromise, which puts the life of Mae Magouirk into the hands of 3 named doctors, rather than on Beth Gaddy having her way. One of the doctors is Dr. Raed Aquel who is also caring for Ken Mullinax's mother who has the same ailment.
If I were there in court and based on Judge Boyd's treatment of the facts/cross-examination during the 2 hours of testimony, and realizing the Judge's bent on awarding Beth Gaddy custody, I may have agreed to the compromise given the odds for Mae getting treatment are in my favor. But, that is also risky, considering what happened to Terri Schindler-Schiavo. In the end, with the Terri Schiavo case still vivid in my mind, rather than letting Beth Gaddy get full custody with no stipulations on the custody, I would have agreed to the compromise. Thank God the doctors named in the court order were not Doctor Deaths.
4. We need to put pressure on Beth Gaddy to allow Ken Mullinax and the other family to visit Mae. Or else, Ken should challenge Beth Gaddy's guardianship in court in regards to denying visitations by the certain family members. I think Mae's recovery will be speedy with the presence of loved ones.

Beth Gaddy already has financial custody of Mae, but now also makes decisions over when Mae dies.  However, thank God there are some restrictions now. The fact that Beth refused Ken Mullinax's offer to care for his Aunt Mae tells me there is something to gain. If Mae dies under Beth's custody, does Beth Gaddy stand to gain a lot of money? Was Mae worth more dead than alive to Beth?

I'm sure many of us know what Beth Gaddy is obviously afraid of if these next of kin were to have visitation rights to Mae (just like we know what Michael Schiavo was obviously afraid of if the Schindler were to continue to care for Terri.) But if Beth has led some people to believe she is a devout Christian, she should come out clean. Why should she continue to add more sin to her plate? Let the chips fall where it may.

Here's an update 4/14/05. Beth is willing to letting Mae's brother and sister to have 1/2 hr visit daily, but not Ken Mullinax. The only way she'll let him see Mae is if he stops contacting Blogs and the media.

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