My view on the Terry Schiavo Case:

By Joseph Nguyen 04/08/05


Terri Schindler Schiavo, a victim (Died on 3/31/05 in Pinellas County, Florida, by court ordered starvation.)


Of circumstance? Or of her husband? Or of Judge Greer?


Who can you trust to decide your death? Suppose someone beat you up and you became a "vegetable." And before you could recover to tell, your life is taken away and burned up into a heap of ashes.


Looking at Terri Schindler-Schiavo's ordeal, can a person trusted the judges and the doctors and lawyers who are against Terri Schindler Schiavo. If he does, one day he'll trust those people to unjustly sentence him to death. Judges are human beings, not God. As such, judges make mistake all the time. So are the lawyers and doctors. The Supreme Court had to reverse many decisions.  Our constitution had to have new Amendments to cancel out the bad ones.


Has anyone forgot that people have been a victim of the law or of judges?  Has a slave been treated as property in the US at one time? Was there a time that it was lawful to exterminate the Jews in Germany? Were not the Christians fed to the wild animals for refusing to renounce Christ during the Roman Empire days? Did you know that Asian men and women got their right to vote in the US after women got their right to vote?


Some judges and lawmakers shy away from disciplining Judge Greer.  Just like King Agrippa passing the responsibility back to Pilate, these people pass the buck back to Judge Greer. And like another Pilate sentencing Jesus to death, when some judges see that violence is going to happen to them, they usually rule in favor of the evil crowd.  I don't believe Greer is afraid of what the Pro-Life crowd will do him. He's afraid of the Pro-Death crowd will do to him if he doesn't side with them.


If Greer had followed the rule of law, he would have applied the US Constitution Amendment V- due process. Florida's right to die law requires that clear and convincing evidence exist regarding a person's death wish. Hearsay from Michael's side of the family that she expressed she wanted to die is not clear and convincing evidence. Michael Schiavo, on interviews outside of court, mentioned he and Terri never discussed what to do in this situation.  Michael also told nurses and others the same story, e.g. Cindy Shook who dated Michael Schiavo in 1992-1993. There was also testimony from Terri's friend Diane Meyer saying after watching a movie in 1982 about Karen Ann Quinlan, Terri told her she was against to the removal of Karen's feeding tubes by her parents. Judge Greer made a mistake on based on his own inadequate knowledge of the facts on Quinlan and discounted that testimony.  The Schindlers' lawyers brought this error before the judge and asked him to change his mind on Terri but he refused.


Just apply your God-given common sense. You don't need to be a judge Greer to determine that there's evidence of foul play, or that Terri deserves to live. Kate Adamson- a former PVS tells of pain and suffering felt when her feeding tube was taken away. There are many renowned doctors and lawyers who would dispute Michael's team of pro-euthanasia doctors.  To date, there are 33 testimonies from doctors and neurologists in favor of Terri Schiavo as not being in Persistent Vegetative State (PVS).


But Judge Greer wouldn't judge fairly and listen to these people. He wouldn't even excuse himself from the case due to potential bias on the case based on Attorney George Felos' contribution to his re-election campaign and based on his close friendship with those who wants to see Terri die. He wouldn't remove Michael Schiavo from being Terri's guardian based on conflict of interest that he has been living with his illegal fiancé for 10 years and has fathered 2 children with her. The judge was probably in denial that he had made a grave mistake.


If the courts find Michael Jackson not guilty of child molestation, it does not mean that he is innocent. If the courts find OJ Simpson not guilty of murder, it does not that mean he is innocent.


Here are some questions I attempt to answer:


What's Michael Schiavo afraid of?  Why doesn't he want the Schindlers to take care of their daughter? It doesn't take a lawyer or doctor or rocket scientist to figure out that Michael is afraid that one day, after therapy is renewed for Terri, that she will testified against him for physical abuse and strangulation that resulted in her brain damage. The fact that she has continued to survive all these years showed her will to live. Perhaps there's a story waiting to be told. In contrast to Pope John Paul's recent death, after one or two days on feeding tube, he gave up. His work is done.


Why does Michael Schiavo want the body cremated right away? I think it's to hide evidence of abuse.


Why does Michael Schiavo not allow the Schindlers' autopsy experts to witness the autopsy done on Terri? I think there is something to hide.


What's Judge George Greer afraid of in reversing his decision? I think first is his pride. His incompetence as judge and biased opinions due to conflict of interest will be revealed. Second, it's the pro-death crowd, of whom he's been siding with for a long time.


Here are some websites that provide support for Terri Schindler-Schiavo's life and for those who couldn't tell their story. They have more links and information for you to decide for yourself: